In March and April, one of the most important companies in the tomato industry of Extremadura and Spain used IBERAQUA's services to install an underground drip irrigation system over 180 Ha of tomato crops, distributed across two farms.

  • FARM No.1 60-Ha farm with underground drip irrigation to produce organic tomatoes for use in children's food (HERO BABY). This farm uses a sand+disc filter consisting of fourteen 3” filtering units that are fully automated by an Agronic 2500 programmer. The head consists of an electric dosing pump for injecting fertilizer and an electric dosing pump for injecting hypochlorite, also controlled by the programmer.

  • FARM No.2: 120-Ha farm with underground drip irrigation for producing tomatoes for use in HEINZ KETCHUP. This farm has a 7500-m3 water storage tank from which water is pumped to the drip installation by two 75-Kw diesel motor pumps. The filter head has eighteen 4” sand+disc filters, all fully automated via an Agronic 4000 programmer. This installation has an electric fertilizer-injecting dosing pump, and a second dosing system for injecting low doses of hypochlorite. The entire head is automatically controlled by the programmer and visually controlled via a chart with LED indicators.