Highlighting that Iberaqua designs and implements any type of irrigation according to requirements and the specific crop type, we studied, designed and implemented 35 Ha of sprinkler irrigation for tobacco crops and 40 Ha of centre pivot irrigation for corn in a farm located north of Caceres, in the Tietar area.

This project involved two different types of pumping:

  1. Sprinkler for tobacco: 35-CV horizontal pumping controlled by a speed variator, automatic screen filter head and a network of telescopic PVC tubes, with 920 l/h sector or circular sprinklers depending on the design.

  2. Centre pivot for corn: 50-CV horizontal pumping with automatic screen filter head and PVC tubes from the pump to circular pivot installation point, fully automated. The centre pivot system installed is by the VALMONT brand, a benchmark in high-quality machines and in line with the systems and products installed by Iberaqua.